Writing Articles For Your Blog: The Easy Approach

Come, let’s write something.

Are you a writer by nature, can you knock off a 2,000-word article in 2 or 3 days? If yes, kudos! You are ahead of the crowd.

I mean if you are not, don’t worry. Most of the people are in your shoes. Only thing that matters is “content.”

Do you have something valuable to say in your field of expertise or do you have someone who has passed on valuable information to you? And do you want to share it with the world in a series of blog posts? Even that is fine if you can do it.

What I recommend

1] Blog posts typically should be in the range of 400 to 600 words. You might feel OMG at the beginning, but when you try to explain things in detail you will realize that you are reaching that word count sooner than you think. If not, throw in a little story or incident or a joke or a quote or an example or add some key takeaways at the end of your post and I am sure you will cross 400 words easily.

2] If you are not a writer kind of person and still want to run the blog, no problem. Just hire a professional writer and handover the list of topics to them and they will write it and will hand it over to you with only a copy and paste job left for you to do.

3] You might have heard of copywriting. Wherever you see a service, product or anything which wants to grab your attention, there you can see paragraphs of information surrounding that service or product.

Those are not just text written by people like me, they are a majority of the time written by professional copywriters.

According to me, Copywriting is an art of saying things in a way that pleases our soul and creates an irresistible temptation to go for it.

When it comes to blogging, you can get Home page / start here page or an about us page written by them.

They will tell a nice and pleasing story of yours in a way that will make you like yourself more than what you liked yourself before.

A typical blog post these days has more than text. One thing that every blogger recommends is to associate all your posts with a suitable image. Images add the oomph factor.

To step it up people sometimes add many images to their one single post. That is also fine.


If you can afford to get an infographic done for all your posts, that’s like a gold mine. It adds what you call a visual pleasing aspect to your posts. I mean those things like red paprika, olives, onions, and other seasonings which make marguerite so colorful.

It summarizes a chunk of material into a single little image explaining everything in a better way.

If you are ok with messing around with art, then you can surely check out some of the infographics creating tools to see what suits you best.

Some which I tried and have used are as below:

Canva – It’s free as long as you are not using the premium items inside. They have a good set of free templates and I myself have tried creating a few Infographics and yes, it does the job very well.

They also have templates for book covers, Facebook posts, almost anything, you name it, they have it. Do check it out, as it will not cost you anything upfront.

Visme – This makes your infographics come into life. It adds more of a dynamic touch to your infographics. I mean like adding motion graphics to still images. Although I went for a subscription, I don’t remember using it for my posts.

Ok now, I am coming to the actual writing part. So, you may ask where to find writers, how much it costs, etc.

I recommend you to go hire a writer from Fiverr. They will write your article for 5 dollars.

There is something more you have to address. The frequency in which you like to post articles.

I mean do you want to publish articles every day, every other day or weekly or bi weekly or monthly?

Recommendation from my end is to post it at least thrice a week, until you have a sufficient number of articles in your blog so that any new reader would not run out of reading material and disappear right in front of your eyes.

So if you had to plan it, have articles ready for your blog for 2 months of time. It would require you to come up with 20 post ideas.

If you ask how to come up with it, I say, just make a list of the top 20 blogs in your blog category and go through them to find out what topic the article is written on and how they are doing rounds of writing article after article on the same subject.

Once you have article ideas ready, get the headings written. You can outsource the heading writing part to writers or if you are confident, you can check out a free cheat sheet offered by Jon Morrow [One terrific writer] and use that as a reference to name your headings. Google out his name to find his blog and subscribe to download the sheet and it’s free.

Coming back to outsourcing articles on Fiverr. Do check out a few writers in Fiverr. Check their sample articles, see the number of reviews they have gotten, what people are saying, and if they are  pleased. If yes, talk to them and say to them that you have a bulk order and ask them how soon they can deliver. Typically, if you handover 10 articles to a writer they will say there is a turnaround time of 7 to 10 days.

Two writers would be enough to get all your articles written. If proper planning is done, you can start your blog with this first task of handing it over to writers and then doing the rest of the blog setup, theme buying and other stuff.

You may say it’s a pretty easy thing. Yes, it’s easy to have your articles on the blogs as long as you have deep pockets.

Once in a while a big article of around 2000+ words would give a much needed boost to your blog.

Don’t forget to make it image rich by adding suitable images, infographics, and make it look as beautiful as possible.

Once in a while you might get an urge to write an article by yourself. That’s ,fine but make sure to read it, edit it, and take feedback from whom you know.

Articles / posts written by you, me or even writers will have small grammatical mistakes. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t take away the pleasure of reading.  It should not be repeated though to make the article look messy, untidy and unprofessional.

Quality of content is not all which matters, the way it is presented also matters equally.

So, you are through with the content part. Now comes content marketing.

You should wear the hat of a delivery boy. You should deliver the information that there is some useful content in your blog.

There are many ways you can do it. To know more about each way in depth I recommend to Google it out. One which is very common is to use social media channels.


Facebook posts: usually what I have seen is bloggers have a Facebook page with the same name as their blog name and each article summary gets posted to their page.

That way you can use most of the social media channels to pass on information and drive traffic to your website.


Irrespective of the path chosen by you to get an article written, it is always best to check for grammatical mistakes in the best interest of your readers.

The tool which I like for that is Grammerly. It is free to try it out. The free part does most of the job. A 1-year version costs around $70 if I remember properly. Also, once you start using it you will get promotional emails with a good discount, that is when you can jump in and buy it. Coming to me, I am yet to go for the premium version, but I have used the free version to the maximum.

They do send weekly reports showing how much you wrote and how your writing stood next to the other Grammarly users.


Ok, you might say. Oh come on, why should I even think of editing. Is it not true that editing is related to eBooks and not to articles or posts?

If you had asked me a few months ago I would have said, “yes, right” in a commanding voice. Now I say “no.”

Recently my cousin’s sister wrote a little Ebook on beauty and skin care. It was not too lengthy. I mean hardly 27 pages and that too most of the lines had ingredients mentioned in them.

Word count wise my few PDFs would be more than the word count of my sister’s book.

Coming to her book, once it was completed I sat with her and we did editing and rephrasing of sentences hoping that we would make it look professional.

Editing is the most difficult and quite exhausting task. Checking each word, line, sentence, rephrasing it, correcting it, rewriting, etc.

We took 3 days and we finished it and we were so relieved that finally the hard part was over.

I had read in a book on self-publishing and in that it was clearly stressed not to skip the professional editing part, so keeping that in mind I went in search of good editors on Fiverr.

I found one, gave the doc to them, and I and my sister were like, “Oh, now he might do very little changes here and there and they might come back appreciating it  and saying only a little editing work was required

After 2 days we received our doc and shockingly the editor messaged me that there would be a little delay in delivery and it’s almost done.

He said there were a total of 689 mistakes.

Next day when we got the doc, we realized how much of a difference editing made to the book.

Ok, I know obviously I got this book edited, otherwise you thought I could write this good.

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