Before getting into numbers we need to understand what is click-through rate. 

It is the number of clicks you receive on your ad divided by the number of impressions. 

i.e. Clicks / Impressions = CTR

50 Clicks / 1000 impressions = 20% CTR

In google ads, we shall look into Google ads search and Display ads.

THE average CTR is 1.91 % for google search ads and 0.35% for display ads. Source is

If we have a good click-through rate, we would end up getting more targeted traffic and that is more bucks for the ad money spent.

click through rate will help us determine the quality score of the keywords. Better quality score will lead to paying less for the clicks.

Now we know the average click-through rate. There are some case studies of ad campaigns with click-through rate over 

Here is a link  to the video which shows the real google ad campaign result. The guy shows you different industries and the ROAS (return on ad spend for each of them). These numbers would help you understand how an effective campaign can give you a good result.

Now coming back to setting up your campaign. Let’s say you keep a goal of achieving a click through rate of 3% for search ads i.e. above the average click through rate which is 1.91%.

Once you have set the goal for CTR, you can try to increase the CTR by the following means.

One tip is to ask a question in your ad headline, this will grab more attention. Usually, you might have seen people entering USPs or relevant keywords in the title, but a good catchy headline will help in getting more clicks. 

The second way to enhance the CTR is by using all of the ad extensions.

The third way is to use an emoji in the display URL.  

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