Making Money

When it comes to blogging there are many ways one can make money.

Some of them I have listed below:

1] Advertising

I mean either you can go for Google AdSense or other advertising providers. Most of the bloggers choose is AdSense.

2] Banner ads

In this option, you can put up side banners, or top banners in your website saying ad space is available and start charging monthly.

For the above 2 options a decent amount of traffic is required. Usually those who offer advertising space will have a complete kit, which shows the number of visitors, email subscribers and other things, thus making it easier for the advertiser to take a call.

3] Coaching

If you are good at something specific, then you can put up an ad for coaching.

I have seen many real examples of coaching being done successfully.

One guy offered a niche site building course and charged some x dollar amount for a yearly basis.

Another guy provided completing guidance onHTML5 game related stuff.

4] Books

I don’t mean  writing books and publishing them to Amazon. Instead, write the book and sell it to your blog audience.

It need not be too big. Whatever niche you are blogging, there will be something which can be made into a book.

I mean titles from “How to Blog,” “Creating landing pages,” “Making money from Blogging,” “How to do content marketing,” “How to get first 100,0 subscribers,” etc. This list is endless, whatever your niche is down the lane, you will get ideas on book topics to write about.

5] Video Courses

If you are good at providing a presentation, then it would be best to make a complete video series on some topic related to your niche or subject you have a hold on.

As it will be a video series, you can charge more, and the value can also be more justified.

I have seen blogs offering courses at $97, $197, $297 and upwards of $500 dollars also.

6] Affiliate marketing:

In the simplest words, you are promoting / marketing other people’s products or services by being an affiliate and because of sales through your blog, you earn a commission on the sales.

The best as far as my knowledge goes when it comes to making money from blogging is to go for affiliate marketing.

From all the blogs which I have seen and from income reports which I have read. The major source of their income is from affiliate products and second from their own books or courses.

To dig deeper, below are some of the common affiliate links and information which you see in their blogs:

  1. Hosting affiliate – Bluehost, alligator hosting
  2. WordPress themes – premium themes
  3. Email kit – Convert kit, Aweber, etc.

I also tried affiliate marketing. The products for which I applied for an affiliate program were BLUEHOST, MYTHEMESHOP, CSS, etc.

Sometimes I wonder what I did wrong.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, I got my page redesigned, I asked for a professional writer to write an 1,000 word article on BLUEHOST and I still couldn’t make a single sale.

I can’t blame myself because I was grass hopping between blogs and didn’t work shit hard on one or two blogs, so not doing that is the recipe for disaster.

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