Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is big topic into itself.

I will brief as much as I can over here  so you will know what to search for, where to go and how much to worry about it.

To say it in simple terms, there are millions of websites and whatever topic you choose you get a hell of a lot of options to choose from.

Assume that you are looking for way to earn money online, do you think there are only a handful of websites? No, there are 50 million websites which are someway related to what I searched for.

Ok. which of them would you look into for information. Most people consider the first 10 results.

Only some people like me dig deeper into 5 to 6 pages, otherwise, most of them restrict their search to the first search page.

So, now comes the question among 50 million websites which 10 get shown in the result window? That is the task of Google’s complex algorithm.

It has several criteria and it is based on how it ranks a page. Page rank increases or decreases based on several factors. The higher the page rank for a particular keyword, the sooner it gets shown in the result results.

Ranking in the first page multiplies the chances of getting people to visit your page tremendously.

Companies hire professionals to help them rank better on the first page. These professionals work on contents, SEO optimization, etc.

So, do I recommend you try your hands at SEO on your own? No, I don’t want you to spend time on learning and implementing SEO.

SEO itself is a big niche or subject where some people are making good money. I don’t want you to get lost in small little things as if you intend to learn and do everything which comes under blogging. Then, you would get yourself busy for a few years and it’s not the best approach.

If own or manage a website which sell products or services, then it would make sense for you to hire a professional SEO consultant to drive traffic, as that would increase ROI. Then, you will end up having a good conversion percentage, as these are the same people who were looking for that product and had come to Google to Google it out.

For blogs thankfully there are some plugins which will help you out with SEO.  To start off using those plugins and basic on page SEO, they should do.

To throw some knowledge, there are 2 things when it comes to SEO.

On page SEO

It means the things which you do on your webpage to improve SEO.

Here is a list of things you can do to improve on page SEO.

You can implement some of these into your BLOG

Off page SEO

Majorly of off page SEO boils down to building backlinks.

It’s like getting a link to your website from a big website.

Example: Assume you are a very good web designer or logo designer.  You were doing it all off line and recently you moved online to get new customers.

You have setup your blog and have put all your designs under showcase. So, now you want traffic and a better ranking in Google.

What you can do is try to get backlinks. For that, the most used way is by writing guest posts.

You are an authority in your subject. You pick a topic like, “HOW TO COME UP WITH A KILLER LOGO FOR A WEBSITE.”

You write a lengthy article with lots and lots of tips based on your experience and learning. Then, you simply mail it to blogs in your category that are already well established and ask them check out your post and if they like it, to post it on their website.

If they agree and if they do so, in the post at the end or somewhere where you feel it works well, you will put a small link saying, you can checkout my most appreciated designs over here and that link leads to your website.


Because you got a backlink from a very highly ranked website, Google’s algorithm feels that there is something more to your blog and it needs a better rank. So, based on their calculations, you will get better ranking in a web search.

Frankly, what I say is forget about the off-page part.

Just keep track of on page SEO, once you have enough keywords in your niche covered and once you are promoting enough of your content and driving traffic through content marketing, you need not worry.


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